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Caragh and Perran

Rosalind Love Celebrant

Rosalind was the Celebrant at Caragh and Perran’s wedding ceremony and here is their account of what it was like working with Rosalind. 

What we wanted

We were determined to mark our union with a personal, meaningful and original wedding. I wanted something that felt like a genuinely individual expression of who we were and where we were heading – a heartfelt experience created by myself and my partner.

And what we didn’t want

All the venues we visited had so many “set” ceremonies and house “rules” that I felt the creativity and uniqueness of our day being squeezed out.

I did not want to follow tradition and was determined to avoid a white dress, a tiered cake and traditional vows.

Our way forward

Rosalind Love Celebrant - Caragh and Perran wedding aerial photo

After a relatively impersonal Registry Office marriage to get the legal bit out of the way, we then sought out a venue that would give us a blank canvas.

We chose Rosalind as our Celebrant and from the outset she was encouraging, positive, supportive and open.

Our first meeting

Rosalind listened carefully to everything we had to say and took such care with our ideas – we honestly felt we could achieve anything by the end of our first meeting.

I had ideas, plenty of them half-baked, and frankly I thought they might be a bit crazy, or impossible to pull off.

At that first meeting, our ideas came out like a jumbled up and disjointed pile of misshapen lumps of clay – Rosalind seemed to understand exactly what we wanted – and, like a potter at a wheel, she shaped them into a beautiful, successful and memorable wedding day.

Creative ideas

Rosalind Love Celebrant - wedding favours

Rosalind was able to turn all our mad ramblings into a beautifully coherent script. She made some excellent suggestions.

For example I wanted my “wedding favours” to be a tree for every guest. I had no idea where I would get 100 small trees from, but Rosalind suggested the Woodland Trust.  I know it’s not the celebrant’s job to suggest things like this but she really is a mine of information and had fantastic ideas.

Smooth running

Rosalind was also able to help trouble shoot – she anticipated the crucial things that I wouldn’t have thought about, such as where to position people for the important moments and how to make sure our guests could see and hear what was going on.

The day itself went like clockwork – all Rosalind’s suggested timings worked out – she’s not only very creative in her thinking and approach but brilliantly practical too.  Each memorable moment of our ceremony ran seamlessly into the next.

The end result

Rosalind Love Celebrant - Caragh and Perran's wedding cake

We are both so glad we took the leap into the unknown and, with Rosalind’s guidance, created something so different.

My guests say that it was the best wedding they’ve been to and many a grown man was brought to tears by the moving script.

I had more fun, tears and laughter at my own wedding day than any other life event I’ve been to – it was all we wanted: relaxed, heartfelt, meaningful and full of love and joy.

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Photo credit – Chris Payne